Driver CPC from Excel Recruitment

The deadline for the Driver CPC for PCV drivers is September 2008
For LGV drivers the deadline is September 2009

Drivers certificate of professional competence (CPC) training is continous professional developement which carries on throughout the drivers career.


Drivers will have to complete 35 hours of approved training every 5 years If a driver holds both a passenger carrying vehicle (PCV) and large goods vehicle (LGV) licence they will only be required to complete one set of perodic training.


New Drivers must complete their first cycle of perodic training within 5 years of the introduction of driver CPC as follows; 9th September 2013 for PCV licence holders 9th September 2014 for LGV licence holders. With such a gap in which to complete the perodic training following the launch of the Drivers CPC in september 2008 WHY RUSH?


Ron Webb states "Our biggest concern is that the industry will stick its head in the sand until the last minute. It was the same with the Working Time Directive: everyone thought it was years away and then it crept up on them, and lots of people weren't prepared."